Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Baltimore,

I am in pain right now from what I see on my television. I see hatred and bigotry, I see violence and destruction; this is not the charm city I know and remember. So I will address both sides with honor and respect, I will not let hatred seep into my speech.

To those who have white skin: You must understand that some wounds take a long time to heal. We have been privileged just because of our skin color. Throughout history we have been the conquerors and now we must be the healers. To those who took up the vow to protect and serve I respect you, it takes some special courage to put on a bullet proof vest every day before work. You took that vow with honor and courage, you had it in you to do something that most of us would never think of doing: going up against evil and protecting the innocent. Words cannot express how thankful I am for you, however it is the wolves that lurk among you that I fear. Those who would use the power you have been granted for their own selfish purpose, to cause harm and spread hatred. You, who wear the blue and defend us must hate them more than anyone because they are a seeping blemish that curses everything you stand for. Like all blemishes, they must be lanced and eradicated.

 To those who have black skin: I will not stand here and pretend to know what it is like to be ostracized because of my color. I will not judge those who raise their voice in protest and cry out for equality. I will not stand by and allow you to be called a derogatory  name nor will I turn my back on you when you need a listening ear. However I will not be a target of your hatred. I will not accept looting and assault as forms of protest, I will not accept chosen ignorance, and I believe that you can be better than what your circumstance dictates. Do not give people a reason to stereotype you, become better. Stand tall and show respect, remember Dr. King and Gandhi--they raised their voices not their arms. Please, stop the violence. Do not become the monster that took your peer. 

I want nothing but peace. I want nothing but love. I want nothing but equality. Yes I am a white, middle class individual; but I am also a human being, therefore nothing human is alien to me. We should remember that we are all human, that nothing another human being does is beyond us. We are all human, we all require the same basic needs, why is this so hard to grasp?